Dancehall mix

January 21, 2010

So I don’t get to play with all the music toys I used to play with anymore, but I have found a really nice DJ program that is about as close to working with Vinyl as I’ve ever seen, it is called Virtual DJ and made by a company Called Atomix.

Here I have a recent mix I made of some of the newer riddims out there.  I have done 80s pop mashups and some older dancehall/hip hop mixes as well.  It is nothing special, just fun to create mixes for the times necassary for background music.  Anyway, enjoy

2009 Dancehall Riddims

Bernabe Serrano, Real American icon

January 11, 2010

Bernabe started working on his physique years ago

I would like to bring attention to a colleague of mine named Bernabe Serrano. Formerly of the pop sensation “Pure Seks”. Bernabe Serrano is also a fellow progressive thinker and author of the blog

Though the road of Pure Seks has been hard, Bernabe began working on his physique and form after a brief period of unsurity (rumors claim he had shacked up with feral cats in the sewers of Hamburg) and is quickly becoming a favorite for “America’s Next Ballet Star”.

I certainly plan on casting my vote for this talented young dancer.  Lets bring the Chocolate stranger back on top!

He's got my vote!

About the Dr.

January 6, 2010
It becomes every great man’s eventual responsibility to contribute in some way to society.  In these uncertain times I’ve been called upon by my intellect to use my status as a polymath to help the rest of simpletons better understand the world around them.  As the Renaissance men before me, I intend to do this through editorial writing, cultural arts, parables and past experiences.  I hope you enjoy these contributions and in some way find your own progressive thinking.  I am Dr. Alfred Brothlensteinersberg, and this is my web log.
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