The Neighbor’s Rager

Originally posted to facebook on Sunday February 3rd, slightly edited 

Went to a rager next door last night. Was there until 1 am. Nary a drop of alcohol. And no temptation either. Not a surprise to me, as I’m done with the Devil’s dew and have no interest in falling back into that trap. This was my first “test.” At this point I was halfway through the book, Allan Carr’s “Stop Drinking Now”, and was exciting to try out my new attitude.

What was interesting though was everyone’s reaction when I turned down offers of shots and beer. Or when they noticed the liquid in my cup was water. It’s understandable though. Last time they saw me, i was king of the drink.  No one gave me any shit or anything, they were just confused by the sudden change.

Giving up alcohol isn‘t really hard when you realize you really aren’t giving up anything at all. Liquid that you’ve trained yourself into thinking tastes good, or a slobbery inebriated feeling you’ve trained yourself was pleasure. Truth is, all the partying and good times I’ve had over the years weren’t good times because of the booze, but because of the good company I’ve shared those memories with. In fact, I’d argue that the memories would be more pleasant had they not been numbed by alcohol.

Anyhow. Just my thoughts as I wake on a Sunday morning, clear headed and ready to take on the day instead of laying in bed dreading tomorrow.